Melissa + Stan | A 25th Anniversary Session | Laudholm Farm | Wells, Maine

I’ve got to say, friends. This session was by far one of the sweeter ones I have ever done to date!! Stan first reached out to me about doing a portrait session with his beautiful wife, Melissa, and their two boys. And of course, I was all for it! The catch was — they really wanted it to be done on their 25th anniversary which was just such a sweet sticking point.

Like classic New England weather, there was a pretty good chance of rain in the forecast so we held out hope that we would see that golden sun that Melissa knows I love (so proud of her!!!), and low and behold… we got it!!!

One really fun part of this shoot for me was that Stan and Melissa actually used to be neighbors to my husband KJ way back when he was a child. And their son, Reed, and my husband used to play together as kids!! Somewhere in there is a story about an arm break, but that’s for another time ☺️

Melissa and Stan told their boys, Reed and Ryan, to meet them at Laudholm Farm for a picnic and to have a few family photos done in celebration of their anniversary. What they did not know, was that they would be walking in to their parents completely dressed up and ready to renew their vows with an exchange of rings!!!

Seeing their boys’ faces when they walked in was truly sweet. And then as Stan and Melissa exchanged new promises to one another, I found myself holding back tears as I got the privilege to take their photos 25 years to the day after from the first time they said “I do.” Their seasoned love gave me such a sense of hope, and I found myself envisioning my husband and myself doing this in 21 years… and it’s just such a testament that love can withstand years of changes, but remain strong and growing none the less.

The way they looked at one another completely melted my heart. Two very genuine souls who are completely in love, and it was just so special that they got to share this milestone with their two children by their side.

Melissa, Stan, Reed and Ryan — it was an absolute pleasure to get together with you four and take some fun photos for you!!! Your family is truly beautiful, and I really hope that we can get together (coordinated attire of course, though gentleman I really did love the plaid!😉) and do it again sometime!! Enjoy some of my top favorites from your session!

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