The Coral Compass Family Is Growing!!

Well, everyone! The big announcement is here!!! This has been in the works for months, and I can’t believe the day is finally here to announce Coral Compass’ newest family member!!

Writing my Building My Business blog series has been eye opening to say the least. To compare myself to where I first started to now.. it almost seems completely surreal. And while I have at least one more post in the series that will complete my 6 year journey so far, there is one part that I have been itching to share and I am SO freakin’ excited to finally be letting this big secret out!

Adding people to my little business has always been a goal for me. For the longest time (well, almost the full 6 years actually!) I have been a one man show for nearly every aspect of my business. Some of my couple’s who got married in 2019 will remember my field assistant and niece, Brooklynn, accompanying me to help me out on wedding days! Well, she is spreading her wings as she moves into her senior year in high school (ouch 🥺), and during the pandemic, I started looking at long term goals and bringing some of them into fruition.

As I come to almost the end of half a decade in this business, I have come to realize that…. sometimes it’s just not possible to do everything on your own. I have always tried to be superwoman and it pains me to let go of the reigns on things (just ask my sweet husband! 😜). But, as Coral Compass grows each year, that also means the responsibilities and work loads grow bigger, too. While I would like to think I can be a one man rodeo for the rest of my life, the truth is, in order to take my business to the next step in my journey, I need to really consider expanding.

I have always envisioned sharing my business with people who are very like minded to me, and who have a passion and drive for the same things I do. Stepping into the photography world is not for everyone, and if anyone truly knows me, they know that this is what I pour my heart and soul into. So, it’s been very important that I be particular in who I bring onto the team!

Do you remember this beauty from the blog a few days ago?!

That’s right! Christine started out as a Coral Compass bride, and from the beginning, I knew she was interested in the photography world. Since our very first emails, I knew she was someone who I could resonate with. We vibed right away, and she is someone who was constantly in the back of my mind as I started making plans for the future. In almost every aspect, she is where I was in the very beginning of my business, and it blew my mind in so many ways at how similar the two of us are in not only our starting photography journeys, but just overall as women.

Since July of 2019 we have chatted back and forth quite a bit and as each email came and went, I started realizing how much I really gravitated to the idea of working with her in Coral Compass. Emails turned to Facebook friending one another. Which lead to texting (now nearly every single day – sorry KJ and Stephen!). And eventually, after we kind of both threw it idea out there a few times, I pitched this big idea to her.

I went on a limb and asked her if she wanted to be personally mentored by me, so that she can take over as my assistant and be a future second photographer for wedding days.

Y’all. I was nervous!!!! Now we can joke about it, but it was kind of like a proposal!!

She said yes (eek!), and I hit the ground running with putting a complete mentorship guide together so that I can teach her the ins and outs of how I run my business, and the techniques I use in camera so that she can successfully shoot alongside me on various wedding days. Over the last few months we have spent a good amount of time talking about all things photography and Coral Compass, and have had some of the best FaceTime meetings ever!

Check her out on the new Meet The Team section on my website!!

I have NEVER done something like this before. And she has been so gracious with me as I put on my teaching hat for the very first time to figure out the best way to navigate this side of things. I have always dreamed of someday being an educator to at least one person, and Christine has been someone I have been absolutely proud to share my skillset with!!

I can’t wait to see where she goes in her photography journey, and I have been thrilled to have her join the Coral Compass team as my new partner in crime on wedding days!! She has so much potential and I am just so excited to be opening up this door… a door that feels like has been a long time coming!

We can’t wait to tackle wedding days together in 2021, and serve you in the best most genuine ways we know how! Please give Christine some love!! ❤

Our first ever photo together!!!! Photo cred goes to her fiancé, Stephen!!

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